Booster Supported Projects

How we help our students in their extra curricular endeavors.

Baseball/Softball Sound Systems

In the spring of 2019, the Boosters helped provide the funding for new, state-of-the-art PA systems to be installed at the varsity softball & baseball fields.  In addition to utilization during regular season contests, the sound systems make Byron a more attractive venue for post season contests.

Byron Softball.jpg
Score Board.jpg

Stine Stadium Scoreboard

In 2017, the boosters helped to purchase a new scoreboard for Stine Stadium.  Along with the traditional facets, the board features a digital video screen, which allows for the display of business advertisements, custom graphics, and more.

Wrestling Spotlight

In 2019, the Boosters were able to offer funding for the purchase of a spotlight to be used at wrestling meets.  The spotlight allows for the gym lights to be turned off, creating a much more exciting atmosphere for all in attendence.


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